Real World Test-Driven Development

Real World Test-Driven Development

Mauricio Aniche

Why don't we test our software? Is it because it's expensive? Lengthy? Boring? Automated testing is the solution to all of these problems. Learn how to write a software that tests your software in a fast, cheap and productive manner, increasing your final product's overall quality. In this book you will learn about TDD, one of the most popular agile development practices, using the Java language, but in a way that will allow you to apply the acquired knowledge using any other language. TDD makes the developer to write the test even before the actual code is implemented. This simple inversion on your working routine allows him to write better tested code, with less bugs and better quality. Be professional, test your software! All of the examples in this book are written in Java.

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Read this book and...

  • Learn how to write your first unit test

  • Practice the TDD cycle

  • Write quality tests

  • Discover test-related design patterns

  • Improve your class design by observing your tests

  • Test your infrastructure, such as your database access

  • Discuss about when NOT to use TDD

  • Read scientific studies and use them to convince your boss about the importance of testing

  • Use mock objects to smooth your test coding

  • And much more... check the abstract.

About the book:

Number of pages: 160

ISBN: 978-85-66250-57-2

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