REST: Build intelligent API's with simplicity

REST: Build intelligent API's with simplicity

Alexandre Saudate

Somehow, the modern systems need to integrate with each other to collect data, send information, authentication and more features. In this book, Alexander Saudate teaches how to implement REST APIs that are simple and easy to maintain, going from the basics of data formats such as XML and JSON, going through a rough implementation of a service and evolving for a use of powerful Java specification, JAX-RS. You will also learn advanced techniques, like working with Hypermedias, creating intelligent flows in their services. See also how to perform authentication via OAuth and much more...

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Read this book and...

  • Learn how to work properly with JSON and XML

  • Understand the HTTP response codes

  • Create lightweight APIs that are easily integrated

  • Master the JAX-RS, Java specification for REST services

  • Develop secure REST services

  • Integrate and make authentication with OAuth

  • Write REST services clients

  • Understand Hypermedia and develop intelligent services

About the book:

Number of pages: 290

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