Programming Logic: Build your first software using JavaScript and HTML

Programming Logic: Build your first software using JavaScript and HTML

Paulo Silveira and Adriano Almeida

Learn programming right now! This book presents a completely hands-on approach, devised to those who're starting, in which the concepts are presented with real-use motivations, from the arisal of the need to the solution of the problem. Using only your web browser and a text editor you will be ready to create your first computer software. Programming logic and use of commands like "if", "for" and "while" are motivated through day-to-day real life problems, familiarizing the reader with the basic instructions of many programming languages from the start! The book explores HTML and Javascript resources, creating familiarity with the programming languages syntax , instructions, specific methods and common problems from the very start of the reader's studying. Besides that, you will learn how to use HTML's Canvas to create your drawings through programming and impress your friends.

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Read this book and...

  • Start programming in just a few minutes

  • Understand programming logic with real life problems

  • Know when and how to use the if and else statements

  • Learn how to build looping blocks with while and for

  • Don't just read! Start programming from the first pages

  • Solve the several exercises to become fluent at programming

  • Don't waste time with unnecessary configurations. Use what's already installed and start programming right away

  • Learn how to draw with Canvas

  • Discover how HTML and Javascript works from the very start of your career

About the book:

Number of pages: 156

ISBN: 978-85-66250-22-0

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