The Mobile Web: Responsive design for a multi device world

The Mobile Web: Responsive design for a multi device world

Sergio Lopes

With the amazing growth of mobile device usage, the internet has entered a brand new territory. Desktop-only websites are in the past. The web is now everywhere and your systems has to support mobile, TVs, wrist watches.. and even desktop! Develop the modern web, transformed by the world of mobile, touch-screens and other devices. Unveil the mysteries of good responsive design, mobile-first strategy, high resolution screens, HTML5 components and performance optimizations. Face the challenges and changes of the new Mobile Web and explore its limits!

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Read this book and...

  • Design a good mobile strategy. Should I make an app? A Website? Use HTML5?

  • Analyse the advantages of a web-first approach and how to explore it

  • Advance through the mobile-first and responsive design techniques

  • Go beyond the basic on fluid layouts and media queries

  • Understand adaptive design and advanced techniques such as RESS and conditional loading

  • Explore all the advantages of multitouch and develop components for touchscreens

  • Understand the more complex fundamentals such as the 2 viewports, the 3 pixels, high-res screens and more

  • Adapt your design based on usability and good mobile practices

  • And much more... check the abstract.

About the book:

Number of pages: 220

ISBN: 978-85-66250-54-1

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