Practical Java 8: Lambdas, Streams and new resources

Practical Java 8: Lambdas, Streams and new resources

Paulo Silveira and Rodrigo Turini

Are you a programmer fluent in Java? It's time to take the next step! Almost 20 years after it's first version, there is a new Java with important news! Amongst the main new resources, there are the default methods, method references and lambdas. They are simple concepts, but bring important possibilities. In the book we will explore various advancements found in Java 8. Always using practical examples and presenting real usage cases, we migrate the day-to-day legacy code to the new Java 8 functional paradigm. With this triad of concepts, the API managed to evolve in an interesting manner. The and java.util.function packages are deeply explored, presenting simple ways to work with collections and other data structures. Streams and Collectors will be part of your routine and will become as essential as Collections and the currently are to your applications. Lastly, we'll see how the new API java.time comes to change from water to wine the way how we work with dates and times. Curious to understand the new possibilities? Let's say we wanted to order all the users on a List by points and filter only the ones with a score of 100 or over. One possible solution to this using Java 7 would be:

That's Java's vertical problem! Too much boilerplate code for a simple transformation. Let's take a peek in the Java 8 solution?

The book goes deeper into Collections and Dates manipulation. Learn and start using the new features in your projects!

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Read this book and...

  • Definitely learn what is Lambda

  • Get to know the functional Interfaces

  • Work with the default methods

  • Handle Collections in a simple manner

  • Easily use Streams

  • Dominate the new dates API

  • And much more... check the abstract.

About the book:

Number of pages: 136

ISBN: 978-85-66250-55-8

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