What are the payment methods?

We'd rather receive payments through Paypal, being it a fast and secure way of performing through your credit card. In case you don't own an account there yet, don't worry, the process is easy and extremely fast. You only need to follow the steps after clicking in "Checkout with Paypal".

I have a discount cupom. How do I use it?

To use your discount cupom, after informing your info on Paypal, you'll be redirected back to the store, where yo may confirm your payment. On this screen, you'll find the field to fill with your discount code.

How do I receive my e-books?

Just after your checkout, your e-book will be available at your e-mail.

Do e-books get updated?

Yes and every time there is an update in the book, a new e-book version is given to all who bought it, this way, you have access to the electronic material always updated.

Can I distribute my e-books to other people?

No, the e-book is personal and may not be redistributed, characterizing as privacy and being subject to penalties. The e-books are generated exclusively to the customer who bought it and is personalized with his name and email address on the pages.

What are the advantages of buying the printed book along with the e-book?

As time goes by the book may suffer small alterations, like the adding of more content due to the emergence of a new technology which justifies it, error corrections, new illustration images, and many other reasons. Writing a book, like writing a software, is an evolutive process thus it's not immune to small flaws. With the printed book you have the material available on your shelf, whenever you need it, while the e-book is always updated for every news that comes up on the subject.

When is the delivery due?

The delivery time is 12 work days when posting offices are working normally. It's usual for deliveries to arrive before this due date.

What is charged for delivering?

We only charge the delivery fee in case you bought printed books. Check our "price table"

My delivery address was wrong or outdated. What should I do now?

Right when you realize it, contact us through support@codecrushing.com informing the order number you received via email, and also the correct address.

I found an error on the book, what now?

Whenever you find some error on the book, please let us know. We'll correct it as soon as possible. In every book website, there is a link for you to submit your corrections, or also contact the author through the book's discussion forum, when it exists. We appreciate your contribution.

What does it mean for a book to be beta?

The books which are in process of production, being written and revised by authors, are the so called beta, i.e. they are books which are not yet concluded and lacks of editing and English revising. They'll be available in the format of e-books and as the author writes and the book is reviewed, new versions will be released and you can download them, thus, you will always have the most updated version. Besides, after the release of the final version, ou will be able to buy the printed version for U$30,00. You just need to send an email to support@codecrushing.com, informing the order code of the beta e-book and requiring a discount cupom for the printed version. Therefore, you'll have access to all the updates through the e-book and will own the printed book as soon as it's published.

For how long can I access my e-books?

The simple answer if forever. The link you received in your e-mail holds, for security reasons, a limit of download and also an expiration date. You can use it 3 times or for 15 days. In case you need you e-book after your link has expired, you only need to shoot us an email at support@codecrushing.com informing the order code of your checkout and we will send a new link to you.

May I lend my e-book to a friend?

E-books are personalized to the original buyer, with his/her name and e-mail address on the pages. Sharing e-books is not allowed.

What are the available formats of e-books and where can I read them?

When buying an e-book, you have the book available in 3 different formats: PDF, mobi and e-pub. All these formats are DRM-free, meaning that you can read them on any device and compatible software, such as: Adobe Reader for the PDF, Kindle for the mobi and iPad to read the e-pub.

I'm a professor. May I use Code Crushing's books as reference for my classes?

Of course! And we from Code Crushing and the authors would love to know about that too. Get in touch with us through support@codecrushing.com. If your subject is strongly related to one of our book's topic, we may provide you with a copy of the e-book for evaluation.

I want to write a book, how can I do it?

Writing a book takes time and effort, but with no doubts it is an extremely rewarding experience. If you already have the habits of writing on blogs, own extensive knowledge in a technology and is up to the challenge, shoot us and email at support@codecrushing.com. Describe in a few words how your syllabus would be, your target audience and a link to lectures, posts and articles you have already written or published.

How can I earn a souvenir form Code Crushing?

Write a review of a book of ours you have read, linking to the book website and share the address with us, through support@codecrushing.com. We'll send you an exclusive mug.

I won a giveaway and I am entitled to one e-book. Which one can I pick?

You may choose any e-book, except for collections and for the book "Introduction to Software Architecture and Design".