Code Crushing

With diversified and objective content, Code Crushing proofreads and publishes high quality books, written by experienced authors.

Unlike traditional publishing houses which resist the ebook market, seeing it dangerous or too small, we face the digital version as priority. You can buy ebooks and read it on any device, as we provide it in PDF, .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (for iPad and other e-readers). We don't want to restrain you to any platform, we want you to learn fast, and now!

Who are the publishers of Code Crushing?

Adriano Almeida, @adrianoalmeida7, Bsc in Information Systems, started his career with electronic publishing and developed Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP and VB systems. Lectured at several conferences in Brazil and abroad. He writes to technical magazines, enjoys new technologies and follows closely the evolution of non-relational databases. Nowadays, besides being chief-editor, he coordinates the Code Crushing operations along with Paulo Silveira.

Paulo Silveira, @paulo_caelum, graduated from USP in Computer Science as bachelor and master. Owns over 10 years of software development experience, going through Germany and Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics. Coordinates Caelum's training and teaches at USP summer courses. Paulo is one of founders and technical publisher of MundoJ magazine. Author of "Programmer's Guide" and "Software Architecture and Design", the latter published by Casa do Código, in portuguese.

Vivian Matsui, graduated from UNICAMP in Literary Studies, with an exchange experience at USP. Took the opportunity of receiving a scholarship at Harvard, where decided to study Japanese and the History of Modern Jazz. Graduated in publishing with Adobe, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. When age 17, started Computer Science but eventually gave up. However, this sort of thing never goes away. She is interested in literature and arts in general, music specially, which she has been studying since she was 4 years old.